Pre-Conference Resources for the 2016 Division for Early Childhood Conference

Resources added after the conference:

  • Joint paper on RTI Frameworks in EC [pdf]
  • Reach for the Stars (includes sample map) [podcast]
  • The toothpaste theory of child development [link]

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Readiness Team

Other "readiness" authors include Sanna Harjusola-Webb (Finland), Margaret Chin (Jamaica), Serra Acar (Turkey), Kay Heo (South Korea), and Maureen Corby (New Zealand)

Flipped PD - Learn Even Before the Event!

  1. Read this article published in Young Exceptional Children (free download made possible by DEC and SAGE). The article is titled Three Mistakes Made Worldwide In "Getting Children Ready" for Kindergarten. Be prepared to discuss the mistakes (and remedies) you see in your state/providence/country.
  2. Download and explore this free Kindergarten Readiness Toolkit with content adapted with permission from article. Time will be spent during the pre-conference session on the self-assessment component.

Pre-Conference Resources

Session Handouts

• Select PPT slides from Keynote [pdf]

• K-Readiness Session Handout [pdf]

• K-Readiness Self-Assessment (also in toolkit) [pdf]

• SEL Infographic [pdf]

• YEC article on K-Readiness [link]

Session Related Resources

• Essence Glossary™ [pdf]

• Importance of teaching soft skills handout [pdf]

• Friendship handout [pdf]

• More on Reach for the Stars [podcast]

• More on "Every Child Is a Triangle" [podcast]

• Ten Things You Should Know About Early Development [blog post]

• What We Can Control Worksheet [pdf]

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