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Flipped Professional Learning

Explore the Soft Skills

Download information about "soft skills" - Review the definition, examples, and quotes about the importance of teaching and fostering growth around the "soft skills." Pick your favorite quote, fact, or figure. Before the event, aim to draw or in some way illustrate what that quote/fact/figure means to you. Be prepared to share during the live event. You can email me ahead of time with pictures of what you have created or reactions you'd like to share.

Download this infographic - It highlights the barriers and supports to a child's success in reading and in life. Be prepared to discuss with other participants the supports which are most prevalent (aka addressed the most) in your preservice training program, within your community, in your district, and/or across your agency.

Raise your EQ

Listen/read this podcast episode titled, "Five Courageous Steps to Conversations that Change Education." Be prepared to discuss with other participants, which step(s) you feel most prepared to take in your classroom, in your building/agency, and/or in your district/county/state.

Listen/read this podcast episode titled, "Five Things Every Summer Vacation Should Include." Consider and be prepared to discuss, which of the five strategies you will continue to make as a part of your habit during the school year. If you are ready to start creating or strengthening a habit...check out this blog post for more ideas.

Teach the Soft Skills

Read this blog on intentionally teaching emotional vocabulary using explicit instructional strategies. Download the 8 explicit strategies and check how often they are used.

Read this blog on why it's important to get kids moving. Be prepared to share all the ways you promote children's locomotor, non-locomotor, and spatial awareness skills.

Download and use the Free Power Packs™ educational app designed to teach self-regulation. Listen to this podcast to learn more about the app and going "old-school" to teach self-regulation.

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• Explore this landing page. As time permits pick any or all of the flipped learning activities.

Flipped learning activities are designed to establish a common foundation upon which we can build during our time together. You can also revisit these activities over time and/or incorporate them into your own professional development offerings.

• Bring things that will help you stay engaged, focused, and curious.

Many like to bring a journal or notebook that is dedicated for reflection vs. note taking. You might also want to bring a special writing implement and/or things to color and doodle with. Lastly, aim to limit your access to distractors like email, dress comfortably and in layers, and make sure you have snacks and liquids available.



• Share what you have learned with others


• Put at least one idea into action


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• Continue to use your superpowers


• Find ways to renew

SEL Resources: Downloadable and Printable

Resources to promote your EQ

Essence Glossary™ [pdf]

What we can control worksheet [pdf]

Superpower coloring sheets [1  2  3]

Other Resources

PBIS applied to Pre-K by L. Fox & D. Perez Binder [pdf]

Beyond Treats & Timeouts: Humanistic Behavioral Supports in Inclusive Classrooms [pdf]

It’s Time to Flip Behavior Cards and Charts to STOP! [blog]


Resources for calming the storm

• Teach before the peak discussion between Kristie and Barb [video]

• What to do during the middle of a meltdown (4 steps) [pdf]

• What To Do When The SH*T Hits The Fan in a Pre-K Classroom (Video 1) [video]


Key PPT slides [pdf]

Calming the chaos [1 2]

Focus and self-control checklist [pdf]

Blank embedding matrix [pdf]

List of motor skills [pdf]

Printable Power Packs™ [pdf]

Explicit vocabulary instructional strategies [pdf]

Feeling word list [pdf]

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Calming The Chaos Classroom Series

Description: This four week series gives you practical strategies you will put into action immediately. Specifically, over the course of four weeks, we’ll explore simple but powerful ways to deal with challenging behaviors like screaming, biting, refusal, and even swearing.

Cost: $14.97

Co-Developers: Barbara Avila, M.S. RDI® and Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, Ph.D.



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