11th Annual Empowering Professionals Conference

"Teaming Makes Helping Happen"

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Keynote Address: Why Your EQ Matters At Least As Much As Your IQ!

Handouts (paper handouts provided)

• Compassion coloring sheet [pdf]

• Self-Regulation Rubric [pdf]

• What We Can Control [pdf]

Digital Resources (won't be printed, but will be used during Keynote)

• Mindful Inquires Sampler Pack-Digital resource [pdf]

• Soft Skills Facts & Figures [pdf]

• SEL and Reading Infographic [pdf]

• Mindfulness in ECE [pdf]

• Solutions for Pushed Down Policies [pdf]

Additional Resources

• Mindful Inquires Ask Yourself 1.1 Full version [pdf]
• Inclusion Inquires [pdf]
• Soulful Inquires [pdf]


Recommended Leadership Resources

• More on Resonate Leadership [link]
• More on Leadership in a Social Age [link]


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• How to Hold On with “Pushed Down” Policies [blog]
• Is Your Ethical Intelligence High Enough? [blog]
• Why Professional Development May be Failing Our Teachers (and it isn’t why you think) [blog]

The Truth About Supporting Families w/Children's Challenging Behaviors

Handouts (paper handouts provided)

• Weathering the Storm Tip Sheet [pdf]

• Additional notes about weathering the storm [pdf]

• Effective use of visual supports [pdf]

Additional Resources

• Teach Before the Peak Mini Series [link]

• Dan Siegel - No Drama Discipline, etc. [link]

• The five domains of self-reg [link]

• Pre-K Teach & Play Self-Regulation Toolkit [link]

• Calming the Chaos Home Edition [link]

• Calming the Chaos Classroom Edition [link]

So...What's Your Superpower?

Handouts (paper handouts provided)

• Essence Glossary [pdf]

• Self-Assessment Key [pdf]

• Self-Assessment At-A-Glance [pdf]

Related Resources

• Full Superpowers Self-Assessment [link]

• More on the Workbook of Human Superpowers [link]

• Start the school year off right by unleashing your Superpowers [podcast]

Essence Glossary Package

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