Piloting of ECED Bytes™

Creating and refining training and coaching materials that support social-emotional learning in young children

The ECED Bytes™ are designed for faculty working in higher education, state and regional early intervention/early childhood consultants, and directors and supervisors of early intervention/early childhood programs.

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C2U + Synchrony Byte™

Created by Barbara Avila, Synergy Autism Center

• Trainer's PPT [ppt]
• Handout describing C2U [pdf]
• Overview of C2U [video]
• C2U…JUST because [video]
• Reminder regarding C2U as something to do before talking [video]
• Blog post on C2U plus Synchrony [blog]

Forming Friendships Byte™

Created by Lori Erbrederis Meyer, Assistant Professor at University of Vermont

• Trainer's PPT [ppt]
• Pair and Share Activity [pdf]
• High Five - Evidence-Based Strategies Handout [jpg]
• Strategy Images [strategy 1 jpg] [strategy 2 jpg] [strategy 3 jpg] [strategy 4 jpg] [strategy 5 jpg]

Learning to Read Byte™

Created by Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, Ph.D.

• Trainer's PPT [ppt]
• Infographic as a 4 page handout [pdf]
• Traditional infographic [pdf]

Explicit Vocabulary Matrix Byte™

Created by Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, Ph.D.

• Trainer's PPT [PPT]
• Trainer's PPT as a PDF [pdf]
• Explicit Vocabulary Toolkit [link]
• Podcast with information about the "I Do, You Do, We Do" Strategy [link]
• FB Live for another example of using the “I Do, We Do, You Do” [link]

Your 3-Step Guide to
Using the ECED Bytes™

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    Use the ECED Bytes™ during your next inservice or preservice training/coaching event

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    Complete our brief survey about ECED Bytes™ (you'll receive a free gift)

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Our hope is to create something similar to "teachers pay teachers", where faculty and other professional development providers share and sell "byte" size training materials.

For example, let's say you want to support your staff/students regarding a new reading strategy or how to coach a parent of a child with autism...but you aren't a literacy or autism expert and you only have about 20 minutes to share the info.

You would come to our site/online store, browse an extensive library of content, and then download (for a small fee) one of three types of ECED Bytes™: PPT content that you can insert directly into your course or training PPT deck, an adult learning activity (for f2f or virtual teaching), or a way to measure student/staff learning (i.e., we call these measurement bytes™).

Right now, we are piloting several ECED Bytes™ related to SEL. You may access and use these Bytes, and in we ask that you complete a 15 minute survey.

Please click here to complete the survey.

Based upon your interest and willingness, you'll receive additional draft bytes and surveys to complete.