General Resources For Leading In a Social Age

Context for the main ideas

Kristie's Manifesto on PD [pdf] [website]
Kristie's blog series the SEL of adult learners [blog]
Essence Glossary™
• Essence Glossary™ Pack [link]
• Essence Glossary™ Website [website]
Julian Stodd's work on social leadership [blog]
Resonate Leadership [link]
How to Live a Good Life, by Jonathan Fields


KPF's key PPT slides [pdf]

Additional Resources

• Mindful Inquires Ask Yourself 1.1 Full version [pdf]
• Inclusion Inquires [pdf]
• Soulful Inquires [pdf]
• How to Hold On with “Pushed Down” Policies [blog]
• Is Your Ethical Intelligence High Enough? [blog]
• The role of the positive emotional attractor in vision and shared vision [article]
• Gratitude Revealed Video Gallery [link]

Self-Awareness Flipped Learning Activities

• A colleague of mine, Jonathan Fields, wrote a book titled, "How to Live A Good Life". In one of his chapters (Know What Matters), he provides a set of steps to help identify what you value most, and then how to make decisions that are in line with your values. The ability is a necessary skill for an effective leaders. In this activity, you are invited to read Jonathan's chapter, follow the four steps found at the end of the chapter, and then see if you are able to begin "saying yes to those thing that genuinely matter most to you."

• Looking to change something about you, your life, your work? Try the WOOP method developed and researched by Oettingen and colleagues. Click here to learn more or here to read another chapter by Jonathan Fields about, and here to access and try out the free WOOP app. Then watch to see if it helps "turn down the shark music".

• Want to explore tools and tips for helping children identify and build their character strengths? Check out the Character Lab.

Handouts (print or keep in digital format)

• Essence Glossary - Printable [pdf]

• Self-Assessment Key - Printable [pdf]

• Self-Assessment At-A-Glance - Printable [pdf]

• Superpowers Categories - Printable [pdf]

• Mindful Inquires Sampler Pack - Digital only [pdf]

• Emotional Vocabulary Words - Printable [pdf]

Supplemental Resources

• Learn more about your strengths-take the free VIA assessment [link]

• Teach others about Superpowers-share the Self-Assessment [link]

• Learn more on the Workbook of Human Superpowers [link]

• Learn how to keep a gratitude journal [link]

Self-Regulation Flipped Learning Activities

• Looking to set clearer boundaries in this social age? Read this blog on how setting policies can help improve your self-regulation skills. Feel free to write one or more personal/professional policies, and then bring them with you to the conference if you would like to share with others.

• Find yourself reacting more often than responding with grace? Give the HeartMath Quick Coherence Technique® a try.

Handouts (print or keep in digital format)

• What We Can Control [pdf]

Supplemental Resources

• Infographic on the "5 Domains of Stress" from one of my favorite books, Self-Reg by Stewart Shanker [pdf]

• Learn more about the HeartMath research and techniques to improve your self-regulation and overall health and well-being [website]


Situational Awareness Flipped Learning Activities

• Take time to reflect (aka, become more mindful and aware) about things that go unnoticed and/or where you can begin to remove what some call "cognitive blinders".

• What can you begin to notice that you don't tend to notice? Perhaps during your daily commute...

• Think something you haven't thought before. Try to think something new each day.

• What does it feel like to "feel calm"? How do you create calm for others?

• Listen to this podcast interview with Jonathan Fields (starts around 9:15) on mindfulness [audio]. What strikes you about his journey? What is a key take away for you?

Handouts (print or keep in digital format)

• Eco-Mapping Activity - Printable [pdf]

• Mindfulness in Early Dev. & Learning - Printable [pdf]

Supplemental Resources

• Mindfulness in Education Research Highlights [link]

Social Awareness Flipped Learning Activities

• Learn more about what empathy means, and consider how often you have used the phrase, "Well at least," in your communications with others. [YouTube video 2:53]

• Read this blog to learn more about how to help others engage in "mindful listening" [link]


Handouts (print or keep in digital format)

• Asking Open and Honest Questions - Printable [pdf]

Supplemental Resources

• Center for Courage and Renewal [website]

• Short video clip on wants vs. needs [YouTube]


Spirituality Flipped Learning Activities

• Examine the Tree of Contemplative Practices [link]. Which do you engage in routinely? Are there particular branches that resonate with you? How do you encourage these practices in others?

• Read this blog and answer Julian's questions about who you would follow.


Handouts (print or keep in digital format)

• Social Leadership illustration 1 - Digital only [jpg]

• Social Leadership illustration 2 - Digital only [jpg]

• Social Leadership illustration 3 - Digital only [jpg]

• Soulful Inquiries™ - Digital only [pdf]

Supplemental Resources

• 8 Tips to master compassionate communication [blog]

• Coaching with Compassion [article]

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