Crossing the street with 80% accuracy may be measurable...but it certainly isn't meaningful!

Step #1: Take a NEW online course: Framework and Formula for Writing Meaningful IEPs

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This online course includes four modules and practical strategies for writing PLAAFPs, prioritizing IEP outcomes, and writing IEP goals. As a result of this course, you will strengthen your ability to write legally defensible and meaningful IEPs, particularly for preschoolers. Learn at your own pace and have access to Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak's extensive expertise in this area. Investment is $235.00 per person. Group rates and licenses are available. Click here to watch a brief video with an overview of course content and flow.

Step #2: Download this free IEP Makeover Tips and Tools Ebook

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Over 10 pages of tips and tools, as well as IEPs goal makeovers!

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Want to know my secrets for writing meaningful and defensible IEP goals?

Step #3: Download the Pre-K Teach & Play IEP Toolkit (it's free)

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The Toolkit contains the following:

  • 20+ minute training video on a framework and formula for writing meaningful and legally defensible IEPs, particularly for preschoolers
  • 3 printables including the “Four Filters”, the Can Do Planning strategy, and the Zigzag process

Step #4: Apply for a Deep Dive Master Class that will truly transform how you write IEPs, particularly for preschoolers.


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