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FB Live Broadcast 6-7-16

• Five Ways To Help Children Form BFF [blog post]
• Pre-K Teach & Play Clean Sweep Training [url]
• Promising Practices to Support Friendships in Inclusive Classrooms [url]

FB Live Broadcast 6-8-16

• To access the "real" common core (printables and digital resources) [url]
• Printable of Human Superpowers [pdf]
• Backstory on the importance of the Essence Glossary™ [video]

Event Planning Team
Rashida Banerjee, Lorae Blum, Heather Craiglow, Penny Dell, & Laura Merrill

FB Live Broadcast 6-13-16

• Free ebook titled, "Professional Development Essentials: Strategies for addressing the social-emotional well-being of adult learners" [link]
• Blog series on supporting the SEL of adult learners: Part 1 [blog link]
• Printable of Essence Glossary™ Human Superpowers [pdf]
• Mindful Inquires ™ Ask Yourself 1.0 [pdf]
• Using poetry as a critical ingredient in delivering effective PD [blog link]

Broadcast from Early Childhood Summit on Inclusion, in Keystone, CO, an event organized by Bresnahan-Halstead Center, University of Northern Colorado in partnership with:
• Preschool Special Education & Child Find, CDE
• Early Intervention Colorado, Office of Early Childhood, CDHS
• Colorado Head Start Collaboration Office, CDHS

FB Live Broadcast 6-19-16

• Free ebook titled, "Professional Development Essentials: Strategies for addressing the social-emotional well-being of adult learners" [link]
• The Building Blocks of Learning by David Brookes [link]
• "Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart" by Doc Childre and others [link]

FB Live Broadcast 6-29-16 and 7-1-16

• Mindful Inquires, Ask Yourself 1.0 [pdf]
• Five Things Every Summer Vacation Should Include [podcast link]
• Overview of 5 leadership skills (Mayra Porrata) [video]
• Unpacking self-regulation (Mayra Porrata) [video]
• How to Address the Spirituality of Adult Learners w/o Getting All “Spiritual” [blog]
• FREE Sampler from Workbook of Human Superpowers [link]
• Essence Glossary™ [link]
• Contact me at to provide training in your area

FB Live Broadcast 7-15-16

• Checklist for Supporting Children's Focus and Self-Control [pdf]
• Podcast Episode 9 with I Do, We Do, You Do strategy [link]
• Contact me at to provide training in your area

FB Live Broadcast 7-19-16 (part 1 - brief intro) (part 2 with the content)

• Request your copy of the Explicit Vocabulary Toolkit [link]
• Download the Explicit Vocabulary Matrix Demo Resource [link]
• Learn more about the "I Do, You Do, We Do" strategy [podcast]
• Contact me at to provide training in your area

FB Live Broadcast 8-4-16 (link to FB video)

• Blank embedding matrix [pdf]
• Partially completed embedding matirx [pdf]
• Sample from the Big Ideas for Early Learning [pdf]

FB Live Broadcast 9-8-16 (link to FB video)

• Go to to download two tipsheets to support you in "managing" biters and screamers.

FB Live Broadcast 9-18-16 (link to FB video TBP)

• Register for 4-week series on "Calming the Chaos" [shopping cart]
• Permission Slip: Peace by Crystal Belle [blog]
• Beyond Treats & Timeouts: Humanistic Behavioral Supports in Inclusive Classrooms [pdf]
• It’s Time to Flip Behavior Cards and Charts to STOP! [blog]

FB Live Broadcast 9-29-16 (link to FB video)

• The toothpaste theory of child development [post]
• Segment from the 2016 DEC conference on the active ingredient [video]

FB Live Broadcast on 10-19-16 (link to FB video)

• Dr. Jennifer Grisham-Brown [bio]
• Citations mentioned and other resources, TBP soon!

FB Live Broadcast on 10-31-16 (link to FB video)

Conversation with Andrew Newman about Conscious Bedtime Story Club: The Hug Who Got Stuck.

FB Live Broadcast on 11-29-16 (link to FB video)

• 21 day event - FREE on #givingtuesday 2016 only [link]
• Coupon code is GIVINGTUESDAY (good for until 12-1-16)
• Use the code to give yourself a gift or works both ways!
• Proven strategies to increase students’ love to learn [pdf]
• Happiness. It's complicated by Jonathan Fields [link]
• Emodiversity Project [link]
• How to Live a Good Life Book e-book is only $0.99 for short while [link]
• Pre-K Teach & Play Emotional Vocabulary Word List [link]

FB Live Broadcast on 12-10-16 (link to FB video)

• 3 Tips For Writing Defensible IEPs [blog link]
• Pre-K Teach & Play IEP Toolkit [link]
• Pinterest board with IEP resources [link]

FB Live Broadcast on 6-3-17 (link to FB video)

Strategies for what to do when every time a request is made or a direction given, the child "rebels", refuses, or runs away. Click here to read the blog. 

How a Recent Supreme Court Ruling Helps Unpack the Meaning of “Legally Defensible IEPs” - Click here to read the blog. Want more on Meaningful IEPs? Click here for Part 1 of a quick training video on how to think about IEP worthy goals and request access to our private IEP Makeover FB group to listen to Part 2 on selecting appropriate criteria.

Learn more about 10 valuable, evidence-based, and life-changing essential things you can do to ensure children are “ready” for Kindergarten. Click here to read the blog. 

If you know a child who struggles with large group activities like circle time...check out this podcast where we talk about self-regulation, ingredients for optimal learning, and interpersonal neurobiology. Free download for coaches included.

Learn about our newest service PD Solutions™. We’ve already processed requests by leaders in Ohio and Colorado. They now have personalized PD solutions being delivered to their doors/emails. 

And just a few more for good measure: Pre-K Teach & Play podcast episode 20 about needs vs. wants, how to trigger the positive emotional attractor, and using poetry to learn about authentic assessment….all of which were covered in recent blogs and podcasts designed to get to a change in practice.

FB Live Broadcast on 7-1-17 (link to FB video)

1) Podcast about using Superpowers in the face of resistance [link]; here is the infographic as well [pdf]

2) Essence Glossary Package [link] - unpacked below

• Single Printable of the Essence Glossary™ [pdf]

• Digital Version of the Essence Glossary™ [pdf]

• Chinese Translation [pdf]

• Arabic Translation [pdf]

• Korean Translation [pdf]

3) Superpowers Self-Assessment [link]


FB Live Broadcast on 7-8-17 (link to FB video)

• Access to a #workoutloud Google Drive Document on tiered professional development and learning. Click here to view.

• Access to my symbaloo webmix [link] and guide for navigating it [pdf]

• Fink's paper on significant learning outcomes [pdf]

• Blended Practices chapter on three types of outcomes [pdf]

• Handout on significant learning outcomes [pdf]

FB Live Broadcast on 7-26-17 (link to FB video)

We all face resistance...and at times...demonstrate resistance. But when trying to get to a change in practice, what do we do when resistance is not in the best interest of those we serve?

This recording of a FB live broadcast includes highlights of a Pre-K Teach & Play podcast on three things we can do in the face of resistance.

Access the podcast at

The post includes an option to download an infographic with the three tips.

FB Live Broadcast on 9-16-17 (link to FB video)

A FB live broadcast from 9-16-17 by Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, which includes four tips for writing meaningful IEPs for young children and four tips for promoting inclusive practices. Answers regarding an online course are also embedded. Learn more about the course at

FB Live Broadcast on 12-2-17 (link to FB video)

We've all likely seen it right? The image from Lippitt or Knoster about how if we're missing a particular ingredient (e.g., vision), we'll struggle getting to a change in practice. But what impact does an aging brain and a lack of emotional intelligence have on the formula?

Well, if you thought managing change was complex before, in this video, I share a new twist on change that builds upon what we've learned about our brains and our emotional intelligence skills!

I also provide three solutions to getting to a change in practice. Learn more at

FB Live Broadcast on 12-30-17 (link to FB video)

Increasingly, we’ve come to understand the important role emotional intelligence plays across contexts, disciplines, and the lifespan. The need for a high or strong #EQ is particularly relevant for #ECE leaders.

Do you know how high your #EQ is? Download my free #EQ self-assessment for #ECE leaders at

For those who are aware of their #EQ, you may now be wondering how to raise your it by a point or two. I now from my results, I need to follow some of my own advice!

In this FB live broadcast, I share five tips for raising your #EQ and how you can use the assessment to:

• engage in deeper self-reflection
• get to a change in practice
• kick off courageous conversations
• deliver effective professional development

FB Live Broadcast on 4-5-18 (link to FB video)

Broad Topic: Surviving and Thriving During IEP Season

1) Shared a set of questions for self-reflection, for team use, and for program/agency use...all which are designed to raise your EQ and ensure meaningful IEPs. Source: The Courage Way

2) Talked about the difference between the following terms and when they are more about the "how" than the "what". In other words, why they aren't your "go to" for IEP goals, but rather, for measuring performance and delivering specially designed instruction. • task analysis • levels of independence • response prompting procedures Source: Blended Practices 2nd edition…/30243521-...

Also referred to lessons from the Framework and Formula for Writing Meaningful IEPs. Learn more about different packages HERE, or about licenses HERE.

FB Live Broadcast (link to FB video)

Facebook Live Broadcast Q&A With Barb O'Neill

The Transform Challenging Behavior Online Conference is a FREE event for early childhood teachers, directors, leaders and other for other professionals who want to get new ideas for supporting children. In this broadcast, we answer questions about 1) the ways in which providers can learn from the event, even if they are short on bandwidth at this time of year; 2) when a session recorded by Barb Avila and Kristie Pretti-Fontczak on calming the chaos at home and at school will be shared; and 3) the ABCs of "weathering the storm"

You can register for the conference here (learning starts May 8th - 2018):

You can also learn more about calming the chaos and request access to our free mini series on teaching before the peak at

For additional training and consultation on these FB live topics, contact me at